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2017 Eclipse Madness

2017 total solar eclipse madness
Total solar eclipse

A time lapse of a total solar eclipse

So unless you live under a rock I am sure you know that yesterday was a big deal in the US.  We had a total solar eclipse take place and the last time that it happened was 1979.  I am lucky enough to live in an area that was in the 90% path for the eclipse.  I could have driven several hours south and been in the path of totality, but that looked like a zoo!  I was going to be good with the 90%.

For a good month leading up to the eclipse the stores had lots of the eclipse glasses, something that was necessary if you wanted to be able to look directly at the eclipse without destroying your eyes.  I swear I walked by that glasses display over 20 times, yet I never bothered to grab a few pairs for my family.  We had some local eye clinics that were passing them out for free and I was going to stop by and grab a few pairs… only I never did.  So here I sat the week before the eclipse and there were no longer any of the glasses to be found!  

Solar eclipse projection box

This was what I was reduced to. A self made solar projection box.

The day of the eclipse I grabbed a few boxes out of the recycle bin and made a few projector boxes so we could at least see the eclipse that way. Then I gave my husband a call to see if we could come and use a couple welding helmets to look safely at the sun that way.  He told me to come join him at a site where his foreman had some glasses and we could all take a quick peek at the eclipse that way.  We drove up and had our viewing party.


solar eclipse viewing glasses

My daughter checking out the eclipse through the approved glasses.

solar eclipse viewing through welding helmet

My daughter and her daddy checking out the solar eclipse through the welding helmet. You got to see the eclipse in green through the helmet.

It was kind of neat to be outside experiencing it.  As the eclipse was close to it’s full 90% that we would see it got darker and much cooler.  All the sounds and noise around us stopped too as everyone else stopped to take it all in.  We had the joy of seeing the eclipse with our projection boxes, the approved glasses and even a welding helmet.  All 3 gave a different look and it was neat that the girls got to enjoy it all three ways. I will say without the glasses or helmet it would have been a very lackluster event.  When it was all done the girls and I went back home and the day continued on as normal.  

Some say their kids had a different personality that day, some asked where their sweet child went.  Here we are a day later and I am wondering where my sweet children went, only I don’t think it has anything to do with post eclipse madness.  So, were you able to catch the eclipse?  If so what did you think?  Was it as cool as it was hyped up to be?  Thanks for reading all about our eclipse experience.

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