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The Great Hair Donation of 2017

Hair Donation
Post Hair Cut

Prior to my cut my hair was 11″ longer than this!

So yesterday my daughters and I went in and got our hair cut.  My youngest and I had crazy amounts of hair length.  We Sevigney’s grow hair quickly.  Since I knew we were going with a substantial cut we all made the choice to donate our hair so it could be used to make wigs for those in need.  Now when it comes to hair donation the first charity that most people think of is Locks of Love.  This is a charity that I choose NOT to donate to however.  I found out that LoL charges the wig recipients based off their annual income.  Not to mention that the minimum donation length is 10”.

Children With Hairloss

My preferred charity to donate hair to

So I did my research and found a couple other options when my oldest did a hair donation a couple of years ago.  The charity that we chose to go with was Children With Hair Loss.  This is another not for profit that is located in Michigan who makes wigs for kids up to age 21.  The reason I chose to go CWHL is because they provide a FREE wig to those who meet the requirements once a year up to age 21.  Here are the requirements to donate to CWHL:

  • Hair must be 8” or longer
  • They accept ALL hair, even grey and colored
  • They even send you a thank you certificate after they receive your donation

A few of the other places I looked into were:

  • Wigs for Kids, they require 12” and no color treated hair
  • Pantene, they require 8” and no color treated hair
  • Lock of Love, they require 10” and no bleached hair
Hair Donation

Hair all ready to be donated

Our hair braids are sitting out to dry then I will place them in a baggie and an envelope to mail them off, (please make sure the hair is 100% dry so it doesn’t mold)  So if you ever get the chance to donate your hair please do.  And my vote is for Children With Hair Loss.  These places also take cash donations if you do not have hair to donate and would like to still help out.  Below is a list of the different charities with links if you are interested in doing a little more research or doing a hair donation yourself.

Children With Hair Loss

Wigs For Kids


Locks of Love


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