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Why I Blog

Ah blogging, how did I end up here?!  

I am the girl who strongly dislikes writing.  Never liked it in high school and equally hated it in college, yet here I sit at my keyboard typing away.  I know lots of people who enjoying writing, it is an outlet for them.  Personally I would rather sit down and read something than sit down and write something.  I am sure this statement has you wondering then why are you blogging!?  Well here comes my answer.

So I am a stay at home mom these days, this is a job that pays in hugs and kisses but not much more. I was looking for a way to help bring in a little income and still be able to be that stay at home mom.  I have also come to realize that I have to put in effort to stay in shape these days, the weight doesn’t just stay off like it used to.  This is how I discovered the company Beachbody.  I started doing some of their in home workouts and fell in love with the option.  I mean I get to workout in my own house, no sitter necessary and I can wear whatever I want, I can yell at the tv as much as I want and I don’t have to fight for machines at all… that is what I call a win in my book.  After I was doing the workouts for a bit I was approached by a coach and shown the opportunity to do the coach thing myself.  All it required was sharing the workouts with others.  Well that and trying to convince others to join you… even if it meant chasing them down.  This was the part I didn’t like.

I tried the method of just messaging everyone and seeing if they wanted in on the fitness craze, and in doing so I ruined many connections.  People simply do not want to feel pressured into something, and I get that.   This is where blogging has come into play for me.   I am now blogging (not necessarily very well) in hopes of attracting people who want to work with me, no more chasing people down.

 Let’s be real, we all want to work with someone we having things in common with, we simply work together better. So here I am blogging about my life and the things that go on in it.  Some days it is complete havoc and other days it goes as planned.  But all in all my only goal is to continue to write about my life in hopes that I can inspire someone to join me on the crazy journey and let me help them along the way.   So I will continue on this path I have started down and even if I only help one person then I will call it a win!  If I can help more than one I will be beyond happy.  Thanks for sticking around for my story along this crazy blogging journey. 

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